About Us

About us

Founded in May,  2011 and based in the Cotswolds.  We are a young company who love the little luxuries in life, dogs, horses, the countryside and to dance.


With a concept unique to BVS you can design and create your own individual piece of luxury.  Whether intended for town or country, day or night our belts, collars and bracelets can be adapted effortlessly.  From the elegant and restrained to the fun and frivolous.  All you do is swap those motifs around.

To help you on your way, here is a little guide: 


•  Begin by selecting your belt, collar or bracelet.  

•  Note that there are very, very small holes strategically placed around the items.  

•  Fill these holes.  Six individual designs are available in a choice of two colour finishes and two sizes.  

•  Once you have decided upon your metal decoration, you then have more possibilities to explore.

•  To help your decisions, please do take a look at the rest of the website.  An array of combinations is on display to offer inspiration.

•  Want some colour? Leather discs are available.  In a choice of 12 colours, they also come in two sizes.  This means you can place one disc on top of another.  Simply place beneath your metal motif.

•  But, if you want to leave your items plain or maybe just go for one motif.  This looks pretty cool as well.  


Still need a little help?

Then please just send us an email.  We are not only a very friendly bunch, but love helping our clients choose their perfect combinations.  A few (amateur) snaps can always be taken to let you 'see before you buy'.  Don't forget though, you can always build your collection of motifs.  And, we will continue to bring out new leather accessories and motif designs.  This way you can endlessly update your leather article.  

Grown-up care instructions

Now that you have created your individual piece of luxury, please enjoy but also look after these articles.  English Bridle Leather is world renowned for good reason.  It is the epitome of luxury and quintessentially British.  The beauty of this leather is its inherent strength, suppleness and the fact that your item will become even more attractive with age.  To maintain these properties the application of a good quality leather conditioner is recommended.

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